Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Settling in

After 2 weeks in Manila I am getting settled little by little.  Counting up the lists of pros and cons in my head to figure out the answer to the question I am frequently being asked 'do you like it here?'.  So here goes so far.
Friendly people
Amazing choice of food
Intramuros - history of the old town
China town for cheap shopping and ambience, ohhhh and Japanese cakes
They love love love kids here.  Everyone is sooo lovely to my little girl (Maya)
The spa - so when is my next facial?

Traffic, traffic, traffic - go everywhere before 8am and it's ok.
It's very very hot - but you can dive into the mall or pool for a blast or air con or cool water
Mosquitos - leave my bum alone

Well I think I can conclude it is tres bon.  The best thing is that Maya loves it here.  She is spoilt for choice and has no shortage of fans.  Today we went to the Rockwell health club for a spout of soft play, followed by a swim and then her first ballet lesson later this avo.  Fingers crossed she stays awake for the duration.

So when do I take her to the slum to show her how jolly lucky she is?  Maybe she is too young at the moment.

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