Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ifugao - Road trip

Hello, just returned from a trip up North to Ifugao to the rice terraces of Batad and Hanging Coffins in Sagada.  It was a magical trip.  Totally stripped of our creature comforts we stayed in a traditional Ifugao Hut and hiked the one hour trip down the mountain (and then up again) to the remote rice terraces of Batad.  I was very proud of Maya at only three managing the hike, singing along as she jumped over rocks and navigated streams. 
 Sagada was equally beautiful and a lovely place to gain some tranquillity.  The surrounding hills are breath taking.  A great place to repose, gain inspiration and feed your creative soul.  
Both destinations are pretty far from the beaten track as there is no airport nearby and the only way to get there from Manila is a long trip by road.  I have now embraced the road trip - being in the car was all part and parcel of the fun especially when there is a group of you to chat to, stop for yummy food, and sing our own improvised Kareoke. 
Native sculptures in Batad

Early morning mist

Traditional House

Pottery in Sagada

The Dream Team 

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